Prevent, Promote, Protect

These are the essential purposes and activities of local health departments. Prevention activities focus on conditions such as lead poisoning, injuries, and obesity; communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, influenza, or food-borne illnesses; and chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Promotion focuses on health education about the value of nutrition, fitness, safety, immunization, pre-natal and early childhood care, and other healthy behaviors. Protection policy focuses on the elimination of health hazards from our food, air and water supplies, including such activities as the inspection of restaurants or the regulation of toxins such as lead or radon in housing. Each local health department in NY State has a website with information about its specific activities and services.

Public Health Policy

NYSACHO members and staff work with each other and with the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) on the development of new public health policies, including revisions and additions to the state Public Health Law, regulations affecting local health departments and their communities, and guidance documents that provide direction on the implementation of complex public health activities and financing. NYSACHO also takes positions on and advocates for changes in public policy and specific legislative proposals.

NYSACHO holds 10 monthly membership meetings each year. 
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