Women's Health

FDA Office of Women’s Health Publications (FREE)

Publications are free and available in English, Spanish, and Asian Languages with the option to order or download.           

  • Cardiovascular Disease (Cholesterol, Diabetes, Heart Disease in Women, High Blood Pressure, Stroke)
  • Cosmetics (Botox, Buying Contacts Online, Contact Liposuction, Sunscreens and Tanning, Tattoos and Permanent Make-Up)
  • Aging (Arthritis, Depression, Flu, Osteoporosis, Sleep Disorders)
  • Female Reproductive Health (Fibroids, HPV (human papillomavirus), Infertility, Loss of Bladder Control, Mammograms, Pap Tests, Women and HIV)
  • Respiratory (Allergies and Hay Fever, Asthma, Lung Cancer)
  • Medicines (Antibiotic Resistance, Buying Drugs Online, Dietary Supplements, Generic Drugs, Medicine and Pregnancy, My Medicines, Over-the-Counter Drugs, Using Medicines Wisely)
  • General (Cell Phones, Clinical Trials, West Nile Virus, Whole Body (CT) Screening)
  • Food (Listeria, Food Safety at Home, Food Safety for Seniors, Restaurant and Take-Out Safety)
  • New Medication Booklets (Available in English Only) (Birth Control, Cholesterol, Depression, High Blood Pressure, HIV and AIDS, Menopause, Smoking)


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