Director of Community Health Services

Cayuga County

Posted 9/1/2023


This position exists in the County Health Department and involves direct responsibility to manage, coordinate
and plan health services that are governed under the New York State Article 28 Diagnostic and Treatment
Clinic and the New York State Article 36 Licensed Home Care Services program, Maternal Child Health
programs, and public health prevention. This role utilizes their NYS nursing license to meet New York State
Department of Health requirement for full time licensed clinical professional providing direct clinical oversight
of the Article 28 and Article 36 programs. The incumbent is responsible for planning, organizing and some
fiscal management activities for the programs, including quality control, personnel scheduling, working with
colleagues, and working with budgets. This position involves responsibility for public health related projects.
The work is performed under supervision of the Deputy Director or higher level employee with leeway
allowed for exercise of independent judgment in carrying out details of the work. Supervision is exercised
over the work of professional and clerical employees.

Directs the operation and manages the wellness and preventive health programs, including communicable
disease control, maternal and child health programs, and various grantfunded programs;

Directs the operation of diagnostic and treatment clinics and services (NYSCRR Article 28) including lead
poisoning prevention and immunization;

Directs the operation of the Licensed Home Care Service Agency (NSCRR Article 36) including maternal
and child health programs;

Ensures programs are operating in accordance with state and federal requirements and regulation;

Supervises the number of types of staff required to meet the agency’s program responsibilities;

Prepares and manages program budgets with assistance of the Fiscal Director and Deputy Director or Public
Health Director;

Coordinates Diagnostic and Treatment Center quality assurance program;

Contributes to Board of Health meetings;

Prepares descriptions for each category of employed or contracted position to clearly outline and identify the
scope of practice, responsibility and accountability of the individual accepting the position;

Develops and recommends personnel and policy changes to Public Health Director;

Plans orientation of new personnel and provides appropriate inservice education specific to meeting agency

Makes provision for periodic evaluation of employee performance;

Develops agreements or contributes to contracts where applicable to provide agency services or to secure
services needed by the agency;

Interprets agency services and policies to the general public and other health service providers;

Develops procedures for systematic evaluation of programs including quality improvement program for
clinical services;

Interviews personnel and recommends to the Deputy Director or Public Health Director for hiring;

Prepares and supervises the preparation of a variety of records and statistical reports on programs in areas
of responsibility;

Establishes operating procedures and develops forms and information collection systems for programs in
areas of responsibility;

Monitors budgetary expenditures and revenue for programs responsible for;

Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with community, professional and public agencies
to coordinate the provision of services in assigned program areas;

Utilizes appropriate methods for interacting effectively and professionally with persons of all ages and from
diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations,
lifestyles and physical abilities;

Participates in emergency preparedness and response as trained and assigned;

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Thorough knowledge of current nursing practices and administration;

Thorough knowledge of principles and practices and terminology of public health administration;

Good knowledge of principles and practices involved in community health care programs;

Good knowledge of modern fiscal and budgetary procedures;

Good knowledge of state and federal regulations affecting community health care;

Good knowledge of community agencies and services which can be utilized in support of special health

Good knowledge of health reimbursement;

Ability to plan and supervise the work of others;

Ability to express oneself clearly both orally and in writing;

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others;

Ability to prepare and maintain records and reports

Good knowledge of corporate compliance

Minimum Qualification

Possession of a Masters degree in Nursing, Public Health, Public Administration, Epidemiology or
other health related field AND two years of fulltime paid (or the equivalent parttime) healthcare
management or administrative experience; OR

(B) Possession of a Bachelors degree in Nursing, Public Health, Public Administration, Epidemiology or
other health related field AND three years of fulltime paid (or the equivalent parttime) healthcare
management or administrative experience; OR

(C) Any combination of training and experience equal to or greater than that specified in (A) or (B) above.

**NOTE: Anyone with a Masters degree or Bachelors degree in Nursing must all be in possession of a
current valid license and registration issued by New York State Education Department to practice as a
Registered Professional Nurse

Special Requirement

Certain assignments made to employees in this class will require reasonable access to transportation to
meet field work requirements made in the ordinary course of business in a timely and efficient manner.
Operation of countyowned vehicles requires employees to possess a current valid New York State Motor
Vehicle operator’s license

Salary: TBD

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