Supervising Nutritionist

Cayuga County

Posted 2/22/2023

Job Type: Full-time


This position exists in the County Health Department and involves creating, assessing, planning,
developing, implementing, and evaluating nutritional needs of clients and providing education to
individuals and targeted populations related to nutritional issues, with the goal of preventing disease
and improving health of individuals and populations. The work is performed under the general
supervision of the program unit director with leeway allowed for the exercise of independent judgment
in carrying out the professional nutrition details of the job. Supervision may be exercised over the work
of other staff involved with participant centered nutrition services. The incumbent does related work as

Provides nutritional education to individuals or targeted populations as identified by program areas and
community assessment;

Develops programs and evaluate impact of nutrition education and outreach programs;

Promotes current best practices of evidenced based nutritional behaviors, e.g. breastfeeding;

Completes continuing education as related or required to maintain professional standards;

Assists in supporting other program areas requiring or benefiting from nutritional expertise as requested
(e.g. blood lead poisoning, breastfeeding, grant writing);

May participate in disaster activities as trained and assigned;

Does related tasks as assigned.

If assigned to WIC program:
Assesses nutritional need of clients and assigns a food package by comparing dietary intake against
standards for nutrition of normal individuals;

Provides participant centered nutrition counseling to clients and client’s families regarding foods
available through WIC program, nutrients provided by these foods and additional foods required to
assure satisfaction of complete nutrition needs;

Provides for the nutrient needs of clients as affected by medical regimens, drug therapy, or physical

Plans and conducts inservice training programs in nutritional care for the staff of the WIC program,
health department, and county agencies, and interested community groups;

Conducts individual and group counseling on maternal and child health nutrition specific to the
participants needs and advises on dietary modification;

Utilizes methods and materials used in nutrition education aspects of the program appropriate to the
educational level and cultural needs of clients;

Counseling as well as breastfeeding support and promotion to WIC program participants;

Oversee the highrisk care of WIC participants as the expert in nutritional care for medically and
nutritionally fragile populations serviced by the WIC program;

Maintains program records in accordance with Federal and State and agency requirements;

Cayuga County Department of Human Resources

and Civil Service Commission

Determines nutritional need and eligibility of individuals based upon medical referral, or client

Participates in State, regional, and local programs to keep abreast of new developments in the field of

Advises clients’ families and staff on available community resources in foods and nutrition;

Develops dietary plan for providing nutritional care to clients;

Participates in the Quality Assurance (QA) process to ensure staff competency in various nutrition

Related areas;

May participate in disaster activities as trained and assigned;

Supervises activities of the WIC clinic in the absence of the WIC Coordinator;

Supervises and monitors high risk care planning for nutritionally fragile participants;

Provides support and assistance o Program Coordinator to ensure standards of practice, standards of
client engagement, and nutritional assessment, education and counseling are fulfilled;

Serves as a mentor to other staff providing nutrition services and provides necessary guidance to
deliver quality services to WIC participants;

Attend required trainings, regional and/or state meetings, professional conferences, and WIC
Association functions;

Does related tasks as assigned.

Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of nutrition and diet therapy;

Thorough knowledge of the relationship of nutrient intake to health and to restorative and rehabilitative

Knowledge of how various disease states and medical regimens alter nutrient needs;

Knowledge of processes involved in menu planning, marketing, and food preparation, and ability to
advise program clients on organizing and directing these processes effectively, efficiently, and

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with program clients and staff;

Ability to develop and maintain good public relations;

Ability to deal with difficult people;

Ability to plan and supervise the work of others;

Ability to understand and follow complex oral and written instructions;

Ability to speak clearly and effectively to individuals and to groups relative to the program;

Ability to prepare and deliver effective oral presentations;

Ability to write clearly and with proper grammar;

Ability to use an alphanumeric keyboard and learn computer software programs;

Strong writing and professional communication skills;

Good professional judgement;

High standards of personal presentation and hygiene;

Tact and courtesy;

Mental alertness;

Demonstrates professionalism at all times and holds self and team members accountable for standards
of practice;

Physical condition commensurate with demands of the position.

Minimum Qualification

NYS Department of Health Sanitary Code, Section 11.132 Supervisory Level Qualifications
(A) Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Master’s Degree in nutrition or public
health nutrition AND at least two (2) years of experience directly related to the duties and
responsibilities specified, and including team leadership activities; OR

(B) Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree with major studies
in food and nutrition AND at least two (2) years of experience directly related to the duties and
responsibilities specified, and including team leadership activities.

NOTE: All applicants must be approved by the NYS Department of Health prior to appointment if working in the WIC program.

Salary: 48,329

To Apply

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