Accountant Clerk-Typist

Jefferson County

Posted 10/19/2023

Job Type: Full-time


Note: Position requires OPEN COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION (written test and performative test) for NO. 23-002B ACCOUNT CLERK-TYPIST.


  • Reviews a variety of documents such as claim forms, vouchers, bills, purchase orders, to determine eligibility for payment or to verify accuracy of payment made, according to defined procedures and policies;
  • Verifies all calculations and codes on documents;
  • Posts figures to appropriate accounts either manually or through a computer, verifying all data entered;
  • Reconciles all entries, both debits and credits;
  • Prepares simple financial or statistical reports from data entered, including status of accounts, current balances, cash received or paid;
  • Produces data needed for State and federal reimbursement claims;
  • Receives cash payments, issues receipts;
  • Prepares checks for disbursement, deposits funds into appropriate accounts, prepares reconciliation of balances and posts balances to appropriate ledgers;
  • Makes bank deposits as necessary;
  • Contacts clients, vendors, etc., to obtain additional information as necessary;
  • Provides routine information orally or in writing in response to inquiries on financial records;
  • Files and maintains all related records such as records related to processing of payrolls, invoices, vouchers, bills, correspondence;
  • Receives, balances, audits, and prepares payroll time records;
  • Processes data either for computer or other records;
  • Makes computations as necessary;
  • Operates calculator, computer terminal, printer and other related office equipment.

Minimum Qualification


Candidates must meet the following requirements on or before the date of the written test:

(A) Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma and one year of experience in maintaining financial accounts or records; OR

(B) Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma and completion of one year of study in a regionally accredited or New York State Registered college, university, or business school included or supplemented by a minimum of 6 semester credit hours in accounting or bookkeeping.


SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Candidates will be required to complete a typing performance test of 35 words per minute to be placed on the eligible list for this position.

NOTE: Fingerprinting may be required for this position. Any fee will be paid by the applicant.

Additional Desired Skills: Candidates must have been legal residents of New York State for at least one month immediately preceding the date of the written test.
Salary: $18.90-$22.93/hr (Jefferson County Offices Only). For information on vacancies or salaries in a particular school district, contact the Board of Education of the school district and for municipalities, contact the Town or Village Clerk.

To Apply

Applications accepted continuously. Candidates may only test once between January-December of each calendar year.

Preference in appointment may be given to candidates who have been legal residents of the appointing jurisdiction for at least one month prior to the date of certification of eligibles and must be a resident of such jurisdiction at time of appointment.

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