Public Health Director

Lewis County

Posted 11/26/2018

Job Type: Full-time


Lewis County is seeking an experienced professional to lead its Public Health Department.  The ideal candidate will possess knowledge of public health practice, outstanding leadership, communication, and administrative skills.

Duties include overall leadership of all Public Health activities and programs including Child Health, Preschool, Early Intervention, Preventive Health, Communicable Disease, Population Health and others.

Minimum Qualification

MS Degree in Public Health preferred or related field (health administration, nursing, environmental health or community health education, + 2 yrs. of administrative experience in a health-related organization or government agency. Experience should demonstrate effective communication skills and knowledge to administer public health programs, manage staff and budget, establish and implement policy and goals, and comply with legal requirements.  NOTE: Permanent appointment subject to approval of NYS Health Commissioner.

Salary: $72,828-$93,116 with excellent benegits package.

To Apply

Forward resume, college transcripts, references and salary history by December 6, 2018 to: Chris Boulio, Director of Human Resources, 7660 N. State St. Lowville, NY 13367