Environmental Engineer Trainee

Nassau County

Posted 3/20/2023


The Nassau County Department of Health is seeking candidates who possess a bachelor’s degree in Engineering to work in the field of environmental public health. Duties may include, but not be limited to, the review of engineering plans and specifications for the construction of: potable water supply treatment, storage, and distribution; the storage and handling of toxic and hazardous chemicals; on-site sanitary disposal systems; realty subdivision development; and public swimming pools.

Minimum Qualification

Bachelor’s in Engineering

Special Requirement


Starting $61,926

After 12 months $74,012

After successfully competing one year of probation, the title will change to Public Health Engineer I, and the salary increases to a minimum of $87,407.

Benefits: Full range of fringe benefits including: Employer paid health, dental and vision insurance; vacation, sick and personal leave; as well as a pension plan.
This is a Civil Service position, which will require successfully passing a written Civil Service examination.

Salary: $61,926

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