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Protect funding for local health departments!

COVID-19 is the biggest public health crisis this century! Protect state funding that supports your local public health staff who are working around the clock to fight this disease. It’s been over 10 years since the last pandemic and there are fewer public health workers than ever. Public health response relies on people and is crucial to the prevention of health issues like this that can negatively impact our communities. Losing any local health department employees right now hurts their community, and could shatter services in our smaller, rural counties.

Local health departments are essential! They keep our homes safe and help protect us from disease. They are essential in preventing and treating public health issues like COVID. We all want New York to recover and grow again and to do that we need to be healthy. Our public health foundation must remain strong.

To protect our citizens we need all of our resources. Sign on to let our elected leaders know that New York must save and support our local health departments today, so that they can be here for us every day.

Make it Personal! If you want to share how the policy impacts you, please feel free to use our text as a starting point to draft a message to send directly to your representatives. Click here to Find Your NYS Assembly member(s), or here to find your NYS Senator(s).

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