Public Health Sanitarian

St. Lawrence County

Posted 8/17/2022

Job Type: Full-time


DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: This position exists in the Public Health Department and involves performing professional activities in the education, inspection, investigation and enforcement of permitted and non-permitted entities. An employee in this class applies the principles of the natural and social sciences and must demonstrate applied expertise in more complex situations reflecting various aspects of Public Health Law and the Public Health requirements of Environmental Health for the detection, evaluation, control and management of those factors in the environment which influence the public’s health. Performs work under the supervision of the Deputy Director and Director of Public Health.  The incumbent does related work as required.


Inspects private water supplies, private residential sewage disposal systems, to identify sources of contamination and recommend corrective action to be in compliance with the New York State Sanitary Code;

Assesses and investigate complaints regarding septic/sewage systems and water supply systems and other public health  nuisance complaints, from the public, health offices, Board of Health recommends solutions; refers to appropriate authorities as needed and prepare reports and correspondence;

May testify at enforcement hearings;

May collect water and other samples for laboratory examination to determine organic or

inorganic and bacterial contamination;

Interprets laboratory reports and bacteriological analysis;

Prepares reports and case histories on inspections, investigations and program status, as well as arranges for office conferences and legal hearings with senior staff and Board of Health;

Reviews plans for individual sewage disposal systems, and temporary residences to determine compliance with standards and policies;

May collect, preserve and ship rabies specimens to the State Laboratory for analysis;

May investigate communicable disease outbreaks as needed;

Responsible for specific program management including timely permit issuance, timely and complete inspection and preparation of program activity reports;

Evaluates sites proposed for land spreading of food processing wastes;

Provides education to facilities, individuals and groups on public health issues related to environment and nuisances;

Conducts training sessions of environmental health regulation and procedures, provides technical assistance to staff;

Increases the environmental status of residents in the target area by improving housing conditions and sanitation in the neighborhood by reporting rodent infestations, poor garbage storage or lead paint hazards to code enforcement officers and Board of Health.



Good knowledge of environmental health principles, practices and inspection methods;

Good knowledge of the principles and practices of conduction environmental sanitary surveys and investigations;

Ability to prepare and deliver effective oral presentations and secure the interest and cooperation of civic groups and officials;

Ability to train others in environmental health work;

Ability to prepare reports and correspondence on inspections and investigations;

Ability to explain legal provisions and environmental health practices;

Ability to develop good public relations and effective working relationships with a wide variety of people;

Good professional judgment;

Ability to diffuse tense situations;

Courtesy and tact.


Additional details regarding the position can be found here.

Minimum Qualification


(Per Section 11.111 of the New York State Department of Health Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYSDOHHCRR))



  1. Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree which must have included at least thirty (30) semester credit hours in the natural sciences, of which not more than twelve (12) credit hours may be in the applied sciences, and have satisfactorily completed a public health training course approved by the State Health Department within two (2) years of appointment; OR


  1. Five (5) years of experience as a Public Health Technician deemed satisfactory by the local commissioner of health or public health director and have satisfactorily completed a public health training course approved by the State Health Department.


NOTE: Your degree must have been awarded by a college or university accredited by a regional, national, or specialized agency by the U.S. Department of Education/U.S. Secretary of Education. If your degree was awarded by an educational institution outside of the United States and its territories, you must provide independent verification of equivalency. A list of acceptable companies who provide this service can be found on the internet. You must pay the required evaluation fee.

Special Requirement

Possession of the appropriate level Motor Vehicle Operator’s License or otherwise demonstrates the ability to meet the transportation needs of the position.

Salary: $50,242.00

To Apply

A complete the application includes a Human Resources application which can be obtained by calling HR at 315-379-2210 or email them.