Public Health Fellows Coordinator

Tompkins County

Posted 2/22/2022

Job Type: Full-time



The Public Health Fellow Coordinator is a position designed to identify placement opportunities within the local health
department (LHD) and other partners within the county’s public health network to provide work experience for NYSPHC
Fellowship Program fellows. The coordinator will communicate regularly with LHD supervisors on efforts across the NYSPHC
Local Public Health Partnership. The coordinator will work with organizations as needed or beneficial to the community to
arrange for work experiences that align with the program mission and the federal CDC ELS requirements. The coordinator will be responsible to track and report information to the NYSPHC Fellowship Placement Coordinators. The coordinator will be
responsible for the supervision of the fellows in collaboration with the organizations assigned leadership. The work is completed
under the supervision of the Public Health Director or designee. The position may require interaction with a variety of individuals,
organizations, departments, and governments, depending upon project opportunities. The coordinator will perform all related
work as required.


– Identifies and arranges placement opportunities with the LHD and other partners within the county’s public health
Communicates regularly with LHD supervisors;
– Tracks and reports information from the LHD for submission to the NYSPHC Fellowship Placement Coordinators
including information about the organization’s supervision of the fellow(s), as articulated by the Individual Fellowship
Program Plan(s);
Identifies a community-based mentor (or mentors) from the local public health network who will participate in the
NYSPHC Local Public Health Partnership(s) to provide locally relevant technical support and professional guidance to
fellows and to communicate as needed with other community-based mentors and educational institutions on professional
development opportunities;
Reviews Monthly Progress Reports prepared by NYSPHC fellows and addresses any issues;
– Works with the NYSPHC Program Fellowship Placement Coordinator to build and oversee the NYSPHC Local Public
Health Partnership to enhance fellow experiences by providing mentorship and facilitate professional growth activities,
including technical information and public health priorities;
Communicates regularly with the Fellowship Placement Coordinator on matters that arise from the implementation or
necessary revision of Placement Agreements between the LHD and other organizations;
Reviews and understands the Cornell University’s Public Health Essentials Certificate Program;
– If a fellow is placed outside of the LHD, identifies a supervisor to direct the day-to-day work of fellows and assigns
fellows to fulfill the county’s public health mission by assigning tasks that are based on their skill sets and the needs of
the community;
Engages with higher education in the region to bring professional learning opportunities to the fellows, mentors and other
in the local public health network.

Minimum Qualification

RESIDENCY: Candidates must have been legal residents of Tompkins County or one of the six adjoining counties (Cayuga,
Chemung, Cortland, Schuyler, Seneca, Tioga) for at least one month immediately preceding the date of application and maintain
residency. For Examinations: The eligible list resulting from the examination will be established in accordance with the final
earned numerical ratings of passing candidates regardless of residence. A municipality or district may exercise its right under
section 23-4-a. of Civil Service Law to request a certification of eligible candidates who have been residents of that municipality
or district for at least one month prior to appointment. After the names of residents have been exhausted, Tompkins County must
then certify the names of non-residents on the list.

Possession of a Master’s degree in Public Health or Health Education; OR 1. Possession of a Master’s degree AND two (2) years of full-time paid (or the equivalent part-time and/or volunteer)
experience in the coordination of an education program, OR
2. Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered four-year college or university with a Bachelor’s
degree AND four (4) years of full-time paid (or the equivalent part-time and/or volunteer) experience in the coordination
of an education, community education or human service program.

Salary: $28.78/hour work rate

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