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Chemical & Hazardous References

Disclaimer: This list is not meant to be all inclusive of materials, information, references and resources available, related to bioterrorism. Nor is this list meant as an endorsement of any publishers’ products. The title and contact information provided have been drawn from the actual publications. When available, contact information has been provided (may need to be updated).

Code of Federal Regulations 49 – Transportation – Parts 100 to 185 

Office of the Federal Register
National Archives & Records Administation
US Government Printing Office
Superintendent of Documents, SSOP
Washington, D.C. 20402-9328

Decontamination for Hazardous Materials Emergencies 

Timothy V. Henry
ISBN 0-7668-0693-6
Delmar Publishers Inc.
3 Columbia Circle, Box 15015
Albany, NY 12212-5015

Emergency Care for Hazardous Materials Exposure 

Alvin Bronstein, Phillip Currance
ISBN 0-8016-7813-7
Mosby-Year Inc.
11830 Westline Industrial Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63146

Emergency Handling of Hazardous Materials in Surface Transportation 

Association of American Railroads
Bureau of Explosives
50 F Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

Emergency Response to Hazardous Material Incidents Hazardous Materials Incident Response Training Program 

US Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Emergency & Remedial Response Emergency Response Division
WashingtonD.C. 20460

Fire Protection Guide to Hazardous Materials – 13th Edition 

ISBN 0-87765-400-X
Quincy, MA 02269

First Responder Chem-Bio Handbook – Practical Manual for First Responders 

ISBN 0-9665437-0-X
Tempest Publishing
PO Box 22572
Alexandria, VA 22304-9257

Emergency Preparedness & Leadership

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