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NYSACHO's Professional Education and Public Health leadership project aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of local health officials and their staff by working with NYSDOH and LHDs to provide access to leadership development and training activities that are focused on:

  • Leading community mobilization for disease threats and terrorism.
  • Addressing causes of poor health rather than the health problems themselves.
  • Developing effective, evidenced-based interventions that involve the entire community and the individual.
  • Identifying and developing initiatives to address problems of greatest health concern to local communities.
  • Defining measurable objectives and outcomes for the improvement of local public health services.
  • Continuing orientation to new entrants to local health department leadership.

These areas are consistent with furthering the objectives identified in the Public Health Council report, “Strengthening New York’s Public Health System for the 21st Century”, and the NYSDOH Prevention Agenda.

To that end, program initiatives are designed to:

  • Increase and improve the leadership ability of mid-level and senior public health practitioners within their organizations and communities.
  • Develop within the group a solid and strong network for mentoring, sharing programmatic and strategic evidence-based best practices, and employing case studies and group exercises to explore the range of options available to leaders to meet varying needs and situations.
  • Develop and strengthen specific skills related to leadership, including communication, budgeting, strategic planning, data and information systems, ethics, decision making, organizational culture, and leadership styles.
  • Explore newer technologies to enhance education and training, information sharing and communication.

Many of NYSACHO's contract supported activities are intended for our local health department members only and are housed behind our members only portal. If you would like access to any of the pages listed below, you may request access as follows:

  1. If you are employed by a local health department (LHD) and do not have access to the members only portal, your local health commissioner or public health director can contact the NYSACHO staff to request access for you. You will receive a user name and temporary password. Access may be limited to certain pages.
  2. If you are a NYS Department of Health employee looking to access Early Intervention, Fluoride Varnishing Implementation or Public Health Detailing Pages, please contact the NYSACHO staff for access to these materials. Access will be limited to the pages requested.
  3. If you are with an outside organization and are working with a local health department on the Fluoride Varnish or Detailing initiatives, please have your local health department partner contact the NYSACHO staff to request that you be granted limited access to the topic specific materials. 

NYSACHO staff contacts for access to the pages listed below: Robert Viets, or Cristina Dyer-Drobnack,, or call (518) 456-7905 and use the voicemail directory to access the appropriate extension.

Article 28 Resources Page (To access the Article 28 Facilities Compliance Toolkit for Local Health Departments) Click on the Toolkit picture to view a video on how to access and use the toolkit:

Early Intervention Webinars

Fluoride Varnishing Implementation Project Page (Training Webinar Series, Train the Trainer Materials, Technical Assistance Call Minutes)

Public Health Detailing Page (Coaching Call Minutes, 2016 and 2017 In person Training Materials, August 2017 Archived Webinar)


Title V NYS MCH Series Block Grant Strategic Plan Overview and Roles for the LHDs Webinar:

The link to the recorded Webinar:

Post Webinar Follow Up - Questions and Answers

A link to the presenter's slides:

Title V Maternal and Child Services Block Grant: Five Year New York State Action Plan Slides Presented by Regina L. Bryde NYSDOH Title V Coordinator

A link to the NYS Title V Application and Five Year State Action Plan (2016-2020)

NYSDOH Title V Block Grant Application and Five Year State Action Plan-2016-2020 




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