Quality Improvement Training for Local Health Departments

Welcome to Quality Improvement Training for Local Health Departments!

This course is adapted from in-person training provided by the NYSDOH to local health departments. It has been divided into 12 modules, plus two optional modules on Visio and additional quality improvement resources.

Some of the modules contain exercises so you can practice using the tools and techniques that are presented. You should pause the video and complete the exercise before continuing to see our version of the answer. Before starting the video, you can view and print out the exercise descriptions so you have them for reference while doing the exercise.

Module List

It is recommended to view the modules in the order listed. Some modules are broken into multiple parts.

All modules are in the Flash Video format. If you have trouble accessing or opening the files, please consult with your IT department.

  1. Selecting and Organizing a Process Improvement Project (9 min, 43 sec)
  2. Map the Current Process (10 min, 32 sec)
  3. Business Rules (5 min, 25 sec)
  4. Identifying Improvement Opportunities (12 min, 50 sec)
  5. Implementing Process Improvements (5 min, 56 sec)
  6. Facilitation Principles and Techniques (23 min, 44 sec)
  7. Facilitation Scenarios (12 min, 58 sec)
  8. Narrative Swimlane Map (7 min, 2 sec)
  9. Context Diagram (9 min, 59 sec)
  10. Context Diagram Video (8 min, 2 sec)
  11. Value Stream Maps (8 min, 18 sec)
  12. Value Stream Constraint Analysis (5 min, 58 sec)
  13. Additional Resources (1 min, 52 sec)
  14. Visio Tips and Tricks (7 min, 12 sec)

A valuable document for educating others about quality improvement is the Quick Start Guide. This document summarizes the first five modules so your team can quickly understand the tools and techniques used in quality improvement projects.

Thank you and enjoy the course!



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