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Posted 5/23/2024


DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: This position involves responsibility for the
organization and implementation of community based efforts regarding public health needs utilizing the
concepts of public health prevention including public information, referral, community education, and outreach.
The incumbent applies the principles of behavioral sciences in public health programs to foster the voluntary
adaptation of behavior to improve or maintain health. Employees survey public health needs and organize
workshops, forums, and activities to meet those needs. The work may concentrate on one major health issue or
on several major issues. The work is performed under general supervision with leeway allowed for the use of
independent judgment in carrying out the details of the work. The incumbent does related work as required.

TYPICAL WORK ACTIVITIES: (Illustrative only)
Conducts in-service training seminars for the community and staff for the purpose of orienting them to, and
providing them with, health practices and means to eliminate risk factors associated with preventable
injuries, illnesses, and deaths;
Conducts community-based workshops and activities in local schools, businesses, work sites, etc. aimed at
improving their level of health information, motivating them toward positive health behaviors, reducing
chronic disease risk factors, and reduction of high risk behaviors that lead to injury;
Prepares and distributes health educational materials, including pamphlets, posters, exhibits, and audio-visual
presentations, all of which the Public Health Educators can incorporate into presentations;
Supports organizations, municipalities, businesses, in establishing policy, systems and environmental changes
that support community health.
Supports and participates in community partnerships that support and promote state and local efforts;
Assists in the preparation of data collection and behavioral risk survey forms and participates in the data
collection, survey work, and workshops;
Provides information and material needed for program reports and prepares a variety of records and
correspondence related to the work;
Assists in the development of press releases, social media and other communications;
Assist in the development of program budget and in voucher/purchasing process;
Prepares reports of all activities including financial and billing documentation necessary to assist with
Participates in staff meetings;
Understands and follows current legislation, public health policy, and best practice programming and methods,
and the impact on each agency setting as well as the community;
Participates in training for Incident Command System, emergency response and drills, and responds to
community emergencies/disasters as part of the Public Health Response requirements;
Participates in leadership activities including orientation of new staff and participates in teams addressing work
improvement projects.

Good knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of public health education;
Good knowledge of community organization work;
Good knowledge of the mechanics of planning and conducting seminars and workshops;
Working knowledge of epidemiology, data collection, and behavioral and attitudinal surveys;
Skill in educational techniques and methods of communication;
Ability to prepare health education materials, including pamphlets, exhibits, and audio-visual presentations;
Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
Ability to establish and maintain effective relations with community agencies and people with diverse cultural,
economic, and social backgrounds;
Ability to survey public health education needs;
Ability to work well with the public and agency staff;
Ability to prepare activity reports;
Sound judgment;

Minimum Qualification

(a) Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a
Bachelor’s Degree in health education, health science, public health, health promotion, community health, or
health communications; or
(b) Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a
Bachelor’s Degree in education, nursing, epidemiology, wellness and fitness, or nutrition and one (1) year of
experience in health education; or
(c) Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a
Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, human services, social work or psychology and two (2) years of experience
in health education; or
(d) Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a Master’s
Degree in public health or health education.

NOTE: Your degree must have been awarded by a college or university accredited by a regional, national, or
specialized agency recognized as an accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education/U.S. Secretary of
Education. If your degree was awarded by an educational institution outside the United States and its
territories, you must provide independent verification of equivalency. A list of acceptable companies who
provide this service can be found on the Internet at You must pay
the required evaluation fee.

NOTE: Candidates must satisfactorily complete fifteen (15) hours of continuing education in health education
related topics approved by the New York State Health Department within one (1) year of appointment.

NOTE: Verifiable part-time and/or volunteer experience may be pro-rated toward meeting full-time experience

Special Requirement

SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Certain assignments made to employees in the class will require reasonable
access to transportation to meet fieldwork requirements made in the ordinary course of business in a timely and
efficient manner.

Salary: $49,442 annually; $27.17 hourly

To Apply

Applicants should complete a Clinton County application for employment available on the Personnel website: CLINTON COUNTY APPLICATION FOR EXAMINATION OR EMPLOYMENT (

and submit with all supporting documentation (please include a cover letter, resume and unofficial transcript)  to:

Lisa Turner, Supervising Public Health Educator

Clinton County Health Department

133 Margaret Street

Plattsburgh, NY 12901

The Clinton County Health Department is a full service, fully accredited health department.


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