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Posted 4/23/2024


This is a department head position with responsibility for the directing, managing and regulating the Department of Health’s delivery of public health services throughout the County pursuant to the powers and duties specified in NYS Public Health Law and the Ulster County Charter and Administrative Code. Duties include promoting health, disease prevention and ensuring the highest quality of health protection to County residents through environmental sanitation, communicable disease control, personal health services, preventive healthcare and health education. Work is performed under the general direction of the County Executive and in cooperation with the Board of Health. General supervision is exercised through subordinates over a large number of professional, technical and support staff.

● Plans, organizes, directs and controls all public health maintenance and preventive healthcare activities for the County, under the guidelines set by the New York State Public Health Law and other national, state and county legal regulations;
● Develops and implements standards, programs and procedures for the provision of ongoing public health services as required according to the New York State Public Health Law and other national, state and county legal regulations;
● Works with key leaders and institutions within the County to establish a local public health system in order to most effectively address the health needs of the County;
● Leads the local public health system (including other providers of health and related services in the county) in conducting a comprehensive community health assessment which identifies the resources and needs of the community;
● Organizes the various functions of the Health Department through appropriate departmentalization and delegation of duties;
● Establishes and makes recommendations on overall public health strategy and conducts long-range planning for the Department by assessing internal and external environments;
● Establishes formal means of accountability, including systems or quality assessment and improvement, and approves developments or changes in matters involving departmental policies and procedures;
● Directs the application of a system of responsible accounting, including budget and internal controls, and manages the annual department budget;
● Participates in interdepartmental and departmental meetings when appropriate, liaises with the professional staff of the various departments concerning matters impacting on public health;
● Determines responsive and preventive measures to be taken in safeguarding all aspects of the health of the County’s residents, and works closely with the County’s individual municipalities to assist them in addressing public health concerns;
● Participates in local, state and national professional healthcare organizations and obtains and disseminates information on current and future healthcare practices and trends to ensure the applicability and compliance of County healthcare activities and forecasting with current medical and legal standards.
● Initiates and directs various licensing and inspection programs and community health programs, enforces sanitary standards and directs the inspection of sewage disposal facilities;
● Serves as the Departmental Representative to the County Board of Health. Responsible for the development and presentation of reports on the County’s public health care and environmental quality monitoring and permitting activities, and provides ongoing input to and coordination with other state and national health agencies;
● Works collaboratively with Ulster County Emergency Management Department to coordinate emergency responses related to public health, e.g. toxic or hazardous materials incidents, other man-made or natural disasters that threaten the public’s health, and for establishment of emergency planning for prevention of and response to such disaster situations;
● Performs a variety of related activities as required.

Comprehensive knowledge of principles, practices and techniques of modern medicine; comprehensive knowledge of principles and practices of public health administration including knowledge of public administration, personnel administration and fiscal planning; thorough knowledge of public health laws and code; ability to develop, plan and implement public health operating policies, regulations and procedures; ability to manage effectively and objectively an organization providing various health services to the whole County; ability to work effectively with public officials, professional organizations, the media, community groups and private individuals in the public health field; ability to elicit the cooperation of others; ability to analyze and evaluate reports; personal characteristics necessary to perform the duties of the position; ability to use computer applications such as spreadsheets, word processing, e-mail and database software; sound judgment; reliability; resourcefulness; initiative; tact; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Minimum Qualification

Must meet the minimum qualifications set by New York State Public Health Law Section 351 and 352 and 10 NYCRR 11.11:

A. A Commissioner of Health of a County shall be a physician who is currently registered to practice medicine in New York State and possesses two (2) years of experience in administrative practice and:
1. Certification by the American Board of Preventive Medicine, or
2. A Master’s degree in Public Health or a related field.

B. All appointments to the position of Commissioner of Health must be approved by the State Commissioner of Health.

C. Candidates who do not meet the education or experience requirements may be conditionally approved by the State Commissioner of Health for a two (2) year appointment (see 10 NYCRR 11.11 for details.)

NOTE: Additional training and experience in public health may be required. Education beyond the secondary level must be from an institution recognized or accredited by the Board of Regents of the New York State Department of Education as a postsecondary, degree-granting institution.

Salary: $183,511

To Apply

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